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Unethical Conduct at Save-On Drug Store


Save On Drug Store Profits by Hiring And Firing

The guys at Save On Drug Store are kind of cruel when it comes to sacking their employees. Have you heard of any company firing their employees on their birthday? Save On Drug Store does that – those cruel guys.

Then there’s this policy they follow that an employee should get a pink slip just a day before his 401-K plan fructifies! Man, that’s sadistic !

5 years back Save On Drug Store installed a trap door in front of the boss’ table – it was simple: call the employee in and once he stands on the correct spot, press the button and the guy lands in the sewers below! Whoo!

Sometimes they fire people using stealth methods – they may disable an employee’s login account or install hideous screensavers on his computer, which say “Please Report to The Security At The Reception Now!” Or, they may call your home while you’re at work and leave a message saying you’re fired on your answering machine. That hurts when you get home all ready for a cozy session with your partner.

Sometimes the Save On Drug Store management bounces the paychecks! This happened when the present Save On Drug Store chief fired his own dad! If they can do this to their daddies, what’s your worth out there, son?

Nowadays, Save On Drug Store has adopted a new tactic – they ask their employees to go to Iraq and man their tent shop-branch out there. Employees resign on their own when they are told to go to Iraq.

We know that after reading these facts you guys will never want to shop from Save On Drug Store because they treat their employees like dirt! Here’s a nice, peace-loving online Canadian drug store that’s focused on selling drugs and which can care for your entire family by giving you discounted prices on drugs: online drugstore.

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