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Welcome to Our Canadian Drugstore Discount Prescription Service is an internet-based drugstore service with one key objective - to help our customers save up to 90% on prescribed drug medications from Canada's network of highly respected drugstores. Your prescriptions are filled by a fully licensed and accredited pharmacy and then conveniently mailed directly to your door!

We offers a reliable and secure means of purchasing generic and brand name drugs that are typically 40%-60% less expensive than those offered by the average Mexico drugstore. Save money by buying from our Canadian store and benefit from safer shipping and payment processing.

While a Mexico drugstore certainly has its benefits over its US counterpart, Canadian drugstores offer the best of both worlds with extra value and security. Shop with confidence at

Generic Prescription Drugs Offer Added Savings

Ativan (Generic)
60 Pills x 1mg
Price: $185.00
Valium (Generic)
90 Pills x 10mg
Price: $369.00
Cipro (Generic)
90 Pills x 250mg
Price: $159.00
Glucophage (Generic)
300 Pills 850mg
Price: $115.00
Xenical (Brand)
90 Pills x 120mg
Price: $215.00
90 Pills x 37.5mg
Price: $435.00
Prevacid (Generic)
90 Pills x 15mg
Price: $225.00
Reminyl (Generic)
90 Pills x 8mg
Price: $329.00

Ordering is quick, simple and secure. No account necessary, no membership fees. Order with us and save today!

So how does it work? To place your order, just pick up the phone and call our toll-free number. We will then take a few minutes to complete a patient profile before taking your order while you are on the line.

Why Buy from Us?

  • » Save on medical expenses by 25 to 50% with the Discount Prescription Service available in our drugstores.
  • » Peace of mind. No worries about high prescription costs.
  • » Convenience. Your medicines will be delivered to your doorstep. This is particularly beneficial if you have mobility problems due to illness, whether long or short-term.

Our Promise?

At, we always put our customers first, and in doing so we get a great deal of satisfaction in return. We never compromise on quality with either branded or generic stock, and adhere to strict storage and transport instructions in order to ensure our products reach the customer in prime condition, as they were when they left the manufacturers. Should you have a problem with your order, call us toll-free on the number at the top of this page and we will be happy to help.

Why choose a Canadian Drugstore Discount Prescription Service?


  • » Generics available for even more savings «
  • » Savings of 40-90% off all prescription drugs «
  • » Licensed Canadian and International Drugstores «
  • » Discount International and Canadian drugstore prices «
  • » All drugs come in a sealed package from the manufacturer «
  • » International Drug Store is another option - You choose «
  • » Orders mailed directly to your home or office «
  • » The drugs are Health Canada approved «
  • » Free review of prescriptions «
  • » Terrific customer care staff «
  • » Free detailed price quotes «
  • » Fast, efficient service «
  • » No membership fees «
  • » Confidential «


Our drugstore contains over 2,400 brand name and generic drugs, available without you completing any paperwork.

We are networked with Canadian drugstores, as well as drug stores in the USA, New Zealand, UK, Israel and India, in order to improve our customers’
options and to ensure better savings. Our international network of drugstores is fully licensed, accredited and has to comply with the Canadian Drugstore Discount Prescription Service’s extra high standards.

We realize that the client is not making their decision based on the web site design.
It is the cost of the prescription that is paramount and we certainly want you as our client. Shop with and save money today!

We provide a safe and secure shopping experience for our customers. David Drugs serves as a Canadian Drug Store that is committed to meeting the standards of the leading local pharmacies. As well as the Federal Government of Canada and the Province of Manitoba. now accepts drug store coupons. Simply enter your coupon code before your order is processed and we will apply the savings. accepts a maximum of two drug store coupon codes per order.

We'll Beat American Drug Stores’ High Prices

At, we support the principle of providing our customers with a safe, private, reliable, mail order alternative to the rising cost
of drug prices in the USA today. By ordering your prescription drugs from Canada, you can enjoy incredible savings. You’ll see for yourself that we are the best option when it comes to purchasing medicines.

Service is Friendly, Fast and Guaranteed

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All you need in order to shop with us are a credit card or checking account, a mailing address and your prescriptions.

David Drugs Drug Store Discount Prescription Service will have your drug prescriptions (Rx) filled for you and delivered by express mail. Just call our friendly customer service team and fax your prescriptions to us.

Your pharmaceutical products are dispensed by fully licensed pharmacists.

You will make big savings on affordable medications, leaving money in your pocket.

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